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Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine (BU)

Admissions Information

Office of Admissions
100 E. Newton Street
Boston, MA 02118
United States

(617) 638-4787

(617) 638-4798



What was the stress level of the interview? 1.00    2 users voted
How do you rank this school among ALL other schools? 10.00    1 user voted
How do you rank this school among other schools to which you've applied? 10.00    1 user voted
How you think you did? 9.00    1 user voted
How is the responsiveness of the admissions office? 10.00    1 user voted
How is the friendliness of the admissions office? 10.00    1 user voted

Applicants Summary

Name Status Overall GPA Science GPA Academic Average Total Science Perceptual Ability
Average 0 0 0 0 0

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